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How to Style your Dining Room & Dining Table

Hello Elegants,

We hope you had the most amazing Valentine’s Day & Weekend!

Today we are going to be talking about styling your

Dining Room & Dining Table!

Where should you start? We are glad you asked!

Picking out a dining table! Styling and furnishing a dining room starts with the dining table itself, as it sets the tone for the rest of the area! Picking out a shape might be challenging. But a rule of thumb is to make sure the shape of your desired table, fits with the layout of the space.

After you have picked out the dining table, which will be the focal point, then come the chairs! When picking out chairs, we suggest going for easy on the eyes, but also comfortability! Picking materials, you can really go one of two ways, a set matching the table, or go total opposite!

Now back to the main topic!

If you don’t have a massive chandelier above the table, to draw the eyes up, you might want to add other objects that will do the job. For example, something such as a big pot or vase filled with tall flowers, greenery, branches, or pampas.

However, you do have rather a big chandelier above the table, we suggest you keep the décor low!

Our biggest tip is to add texture and layers.

Something as simple as a table runner, some wooden or rattan decoration and a few candles would be the perfect addition to any stone table especially a marble table!

Now, if you are working with a wood table, we still recommend mixing materials and textures, so think the opposite of woods!

We hope these tips were helpful!

Let us know in the comments below if you would like to hear more in depth about this topic!

Have fun decorating!

Xoxo Elegant Team


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