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Hello Elegant Friends !

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Shop The Look - MoodBoards

Dear Elegants,

Happy Wednesday!

Do you already have a project in mind?

Is it a kitchen or a bathroom? Or maybe a full home remodel?

Do you feel like you know what you want, but can't quite make your mind up or put your finger on specific styles? Are you struggling with mixing and matching all the different colors and furnishings together?

We are here to help you!

Shop The Look was created specifically for you!

There, you can find a plethora or MoodBoards including every piece of a project you might need, matched together for a full look.

These moodboards can of course be personalized to your liking as well! If you like one of the boards, but would like to make some changes to it, we can work with you to achieve the desired look.

Shop The Look makes it so easy to visualize a space with all the needed colors and furnishings matched and paired to make for a great new Look of your home!

You are ready to start on your next project?


Head to our website to find the MoodBoard that best fits your vibe!

The button below will take you straight to where you need to be:

Thank you so much for your taking the time to read our blogs!

xoxo Elegant Team


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