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Your Dream Pantry Aesthetics

Long time no see, Elegants!

We haven't forgotten about the love for organization!

This MoodBoard is a little bit different than the ones we have been posting, as this pantry style only requires to pick a shelf color and everything else is purely organizer products.

Here are some of our favorites, and in our opinion, most useful pantry organizers!

A great pantry, whether it be a walk in or a single cabinet, must be easy to navigate, clean and aesthetically pleasing. Using clear containers is such an effective way to store things and easily find and access them.

One of our favorites is the big "Cookie" jars! They are can make any food look so beautiful and tempting.

The rattan baskets are such a great touch as well, to add some texture to the space. Of course, your style might not fit with the rattan style, so you might opt for a different style basket, but nonetheless, a basket like that is great to store the "hidden treasures" that might not be the best every-day-option.

In order to be more environmentally friendly, these Eco-Friendly cutleries are a great option to store extra disposable utensils for entertaining or to-go meals.

A TIP from us:

If you and your family strive to live a healthier lifestyle, we suggest using clear, easy to access containers for the healthier snack options in your pantry. Put them in a visible spot where it tricks your mind to reach for them instead of the higher up, hidden "not so healthy" snacks.

You can shop all of the organizational products at our Amazon Shop:

and for the shelving/cabinetry you can schedule your appointment here:

for a personalized look, measurements and styling!

Have an AWESOME day!

xoxo Elegant Team


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