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Hello Elegant Friends !

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How to Style & Decorate your home:

We give you three easy steps to help you get started and accomplish your project!

Step 1: Visualization

Ask yourself what exactly does your dream home look and feel like. What story is your home telling? What lifestyle are you envisioning? What colors speak to you? Get inspired! Scroll through the Internet & create a folder. Or better yet… create your very own vision board by printing out pictures and color swatches that you love.

Step 2: Clean Start

If you are just moving into a new and for the most part empty space, then this is a step you have already passed.

However, if you are trying to restyle your current home, which is already furnished, has been lived in and has all of your belongings in it, it might be overwhelming and hard to visualize something different than what you see. So, in this case, we suggest that you take everything down. Clear all shelves and visible spaces, take out all furniture and decorative pieces that you no longer want in there BEFORE YOU BEGIN redecorating and styling.

Step 3: Take Action

This might be the hardest step out of all of them. We as human beings tend to dream often and plan out in our heads or on pieces of paper all of the changes we want to make in our lives, but if we don’t date the project and set a strict deadline, we might never get to it.

Here is our Tip on Taking Action!

When you are on step 1 - Visualization, DATE IT! Write down a specific date when you are going to take on each step, or each room and stick to it! We promise it will be of huge help! You could write down a deadline, even if it takes you months to finish, because of how busy you are, if you are looking at a deadline you might find it motivating to do a little bit every day in order to make your deadline!

Another helpful way to go about this, is to write a promise to yourself! It would go something like this: “I WILL redecorate & style my living room by the end of this month of February. Nothing can or will stop me! I can do this, and I will accomplish this goal!”

We strongly believe that there is nothing more important than keeping the promises you make to yourself!

And there you go! 3 easy steps, right? You got this!

As always, we are here to help and love doing so!


xoxo Elegant Team


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