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How to Renovate "the Heart of your Home" Part 2

Welcome back Elegants!

In a previous *Blog Post* we talked about HOW and WHERE to START with a Kitchen Renovation!!!

“The Heart of your Home”

We covered the questions designed to help you clarify your needs.

Next, we want to help you with the questions regarding your budget!

So, here we go:

1. Will you be changing the floors or painting them over?

2. Will you be demolishing all the existing cabinets and installing brand new ones, or will you be changing just the face?

3. Appliances, handles & knobs, sink & faucet … will you be buying brand new ones? You should know that all of the above can be DIYed and painted if the budget doesn’t allow all new items!

Write down your maximum budget and try to stick to it 😊

There is a lot of ways to stick to a lower budget! Thrifting is also a great way to get some beautiful items at a low price.

Speaking of thrifting

We didn’t want to spoil it but, we are going to be Launching something very cool soon and we can’t wait! We are certain that all of you out there who love thrifting, repurposing, diy’s and prefer keeping a lower budget would LOVE this!

Here is another tip:

Some other key things to think about are storage space, proper lighting, contrast, countertop workspace and functionality.

For more tips on Kitchen Renovation, you can read our previous post:

and check out our Instagram post:

We hope this post was helpful!


xoxo Elegant Team


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