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How to Renovate "the Heart of your Home"

Hello Elegant Friends,

We are back with a topic we are so very passionate about!

Kitchen Renovation!!!

We call it “The heart of the home” and of all the spaces in a home, the kitchen quite often is one of the most challenging to renovate. It’s a major feature in a home, so you want it to be as stunning and functional as it can possibly be. Whether you are planning to stay in your home for years to come or plan on selling it at some point, take it from us, you will always benefit from a kitchen renovation done right.

And that’s precisely what we want to help you out with today.

Here are some tips on HOW and WHERE to START!

But no worries… we are always here to help you further along!

Firstly, you want to begin by asking yourself the RIGHT questions.

The questions that we, as designers, would normally ask you, our clients.

In this case scenario you are the designer & the client.

The following questions are designed to help you clarify your needs and/or desires and help you narrow down areas to begin focusing on.

1. Who spends the most time in your kitchen and what do they mostly do or would like to be able to do or do better?

2. What do you and/or your family members love about your current kitchen?

3. What “annoys” you and/or your family members about your current kitchen?

4. What features/functionalities are you currently missing, and would really want/need to add into your new kitchen?

5. Do you often entertain? Hence do you have what you need currently in your kitchen space to do so in a matter you would like?

6. What are the ultimate feel, look, function and features you would love to get from your new kitchen space?

Now that you have gained some perspective, next you want to write down your ideas and get inspired. You could even create a vision board with pictures and color swatches! Write down colors, shapes, appliances, organization installs, and everything you would love to get in this new space!

Then comes the question about your budget! And more questions…

And yet another Tip…We suggest that you always try to keep a balance between what ‘Looks good’ and what ‘Functions well”

For more tips on a beautiful & functional kitchen, please check out our Instagram post:

or book a FREE virtual consultation:


We are here for you and are always happy to help!

Adventure awaits!!!

xoxoxo Elegant Team


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