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A return to warm finishes

When it comes to kitchen design, the possibilities seem endless. There are so many products and options available today, and they all are competing for your attention. Trying to narrow down and pick your own may seem overwhelming to say the least. So, let's give you some helpful tips on current trends and help you figure out your own choices a bit easier.


As families are spending more and more time living and working at home, functional kitchens are becoming a definite must-have. Ease-of-use, storage, organization, space saving, charging electronics and multi-functional accessories are some of the prime objectives to keep in mind.

Here are some items to consider

you can easily add these accessories to your existing kitchen cabinets:

  • removable caddies

  • utensil storage

  • adjustable drawer inserts

  • drawer inserts with movable pegs

  • drawers with power sources for charging electronics

  • pullout trash cans

  • pullout knife blocks

  • pullout bins & fillers to keep items close at hand

Design & Style

In our practice, when we start a design, we always keep our main objective front and center: YOU

Although design trends are relative, what matters the most is your wellbeing and your lifestyle. We simply help you get the most out of it. Our design approach is #elegance4U. So, our advice is when picking out or considering products and/or finishes focus on you and what enhances your lifestyle for the long run.

Colors & Finishes

Whats trendy right now ?

  • Warm colors, natural tones, clean lines, minimalistic look, ease-of-use cabinet accessories, toned golds, matte finish fixtures, matte or gloss slab cabinet doors, frameless cabinet construction are into the trendy wave right now.

But what is trending now, might not be for long or even yet might not be your style. Our advice is to aim for classics. You can always add trendy decor accessories to create the overall feel of trendiness without easily going out-of-style.

For more personalized advice, please feel free to book our no-obligation, online consultation.

We Love to design #elegance4U


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