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Bathroom: Design Tips

Wondering where to start when designing your bathroom?

Here are some simple tips for a beautiful outcome with your bathroom remodel!

1. Start with the Vanity/Cabinetry

We suggest that you start at the beginning and think about what style you are going for. Is it more of a traditional style you are looking for, maybe you are drawn to the modern vibe... And if you are not sure, then start by picking out the vanity and cabinetry in the bathroom, which will set the tone for the rest of the space and give you a better idea of what style you like!

2. Flooring & Countertop

It makes a huge difference when the tile inside the shower is different than the flooring in the main bathroom area. It helps separate the space, gives more contrast and makes it look like there was a lot more thought put into it. Also, once you have picked out your vanity and flooring, then you can really tie everything together by picking out a countertop, which includes a few of the colors you already chose for the space.

3. Finishes

Matching the color/finish of the hardware, faucet, shower head and maybe even the light help the whole space have a more unified look. For example, if you put matte black handles on your vanity, a matte black sink would look so much better rather than a stainless-steel finish one.

4. Lights & Mirrors

A well-lit bathroom makes the biggest difference. When you walk into your bathroom at any time of the day, it should be lit up enough to do your makeup. The lighting around the mirror is very important as you don't want to be casting shadows on your face or to be blinded every time you look at the mirror. So, think warm and bright!

5. Have fun with it

A bathroom is such a unique space. Some homes have multiple bathrooms and it is so fun to give each one of them a different style and feel. Whether it is a small or large bathroom, it is so personal and should feel like your little sanctuary. It should feel relaxing and make you feel at home. So, if going for bold colors gives you that feeling, go for it!

We hope these tips were helpful and that we inspire you to start your bathroom remodel with confidence and excitement!

Have an amazing day!

xoxo Elegant Team


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