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6 Things you didn’t know you NEEDED in your Kitchen:

Hello Elegants,

Happy March 1st and welcome back to the Blog!

In today’s article we wanted to point your attention to a couple often neglected items that make a huge difference in every kitchen and are super beneficial for functionality, organization and looks!

As we have said in the past the kitchen is everybody’s most used space, it is where we spend the most time together and it is also the focal point of the home, which sets the tone for all other spaces.

Therefore Looks & Functionality are of Grave Importance in the Kitchen!

Here are a couple items that you can add to your kitchen Today to make it look better, become more functional and help you keep it organized:

1. Spice rack cabinet – This simple change will change your life! Whether you are now designing your new kitchen and decide to put a Spice Pull Out next to your stove, or you just add a … to your existing kitchen, this small addition will make a world of a difference for convenience and organization in your kitchen.

2. Under cabinet lighting – Oh My! Under cabinet lighting takes your kitchen visually to another level! Not only does it help you light up your countertop workspace, which is… let me tell you… VERY helpful, but it also gives the kitchen a high end, classy and aesthetic look at such a low cost.

3. Garbage Pull-Out – You will find out what major difference it makes to have your trash hidden in a cabinet instead of sitting on the side of your cabinetry as soon as you make the change! This addition can be pulled off in an existing kitchen no problem, which makes it even better. You do not have to be just now starting a remodel or designing your kitchen to have that “Piece of Art” added in.

4. Pots & Pans Glideware Pull Out – We got you with this one, didn’t we… This organizer is not as popular, but we assure you that it is just as useful. Keeping your pots & pans in the oven is such a pain because you have to take them out and let them sit out every time you use the oven. But keeping them in any cabinet on top of each other is not the most convenient either. This tool will keep them organized, easy to access and helps for a visually pleasing cabinet! (This can also always be added to an existing kitchen.)

5. Pot Filler – This might come as a surprise but having a pot filler (which is basically a faucet above the stove, which folds into the wall) is one of the most convenient steps you can take in designing your kitchen! It comes in so handy, whenever you want to fill up your teapot, or boil water for pasta or really anything that requires water. Instead of taking the big soup pot to the sink, filling it up, carrying the heavy thing back to put on the stove so you can add the ingredients and spices… Bam! It’s all in one place ready to follow the recipe! Now this is a little bit of a harder to execute addition to an existing kitchen, but non the less, it could be done!

6. Floating shelves – This is all for looks! Adding some floating shelves into a kitchen adds so much airiness and opens up the space. You can style them with cookbooks, plants & greenery, coffee cup sets or really anything that makes you happy! It adds a stylish, designer touch to the kitchen yet opens it up and, in a way, makes the space appear bigger. Floating shelves are a great way to add an accent to your kitchen at a low cost.

For your convenience we are linking all of the products we have listed down below:

Under Cabinet Lighting, Floating Shelves, Pot Filler:

Pots and Pans Glideware Pull-Out; Garbage Pull-Out, Spice Rack:

As always,

Thank You for being with us today!

xoxo Elegant Team


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