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5 Tips for Beginners on Kitchen Remodel!

How to Have a Successful Kitchen Remodel!

Tip # 1: Identify

Start Simple! Spend some time looking around your kitchen space. Begin identifying what works for you and what doesn’t. For example: You may discover that your current cabinet layout is very suitable for your personal workflow, but by inspecting your cabinets closely, you may identify that there is not enough interior space to store easily and access your kitchenware.

Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

On the other hand, you may observe your floor covering is practical and easy to maintain, but you would rather have another color or maybe another style. As you go around, it would be helpful to make a “What List” and separate it into 2 columns: “What Works” column and “What Doesn’t Work” column. List your items by importance and note the reason. By doing that, you can identify and prioritize the most essential areas to consider and why. You are now off to a good start.

Tip # 2: Personal Style

Is it important and why? Yes, it is a valuable challenge to discover more about yourself and a quest to explore deeper into your own meaning of things. Through your personal style you can express your own personality and communicate your unique sides and lifestyle. You can begin by exploring colors, textures, and decors to see how they make you feel. Do you feel comfortable, relaxed, cozy, or other? What feelings do you most want to have or bring into your surroundings? Pick your colors, textures, coverings and finishes accordingly! You’ll be on the right track to map out your personal style and help surround yourself with what truly matters to you. We recommend keeping a “Style File” on your computer to store pictures of items you find along the way. It will come in handy once you decide to move forward with your kitchen remodel.

Photos by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

Tip # 3: Preparation

It might be a bit overwhelming at first, but here are some practical steps you can take. A good place to start is ask your close friends and/or relatives about their personal remodeling experience and recommendations. Use caution and try to draw your own conclusions as objectively as possible. Do your own research as well. After all, it is their personal point of view. Next, schedule time on your calendar and begin by identifying prospective remodeling companies. A step further would be to book an online interview and/or in-home consultation. Use your “What List” to communicate your preferences and ask for a free estimate and/or design. Now you are on your way to make more informed decisions about your remodeling.

Tip # 4. Select & Hire

Time to get your information sorted out by identifying your own most important criteria such as your budget, your time, researched companies’ qualifications, experience and other, etc.

Ask additional questions, research more if you must before you finalize your decision. Request a detailed contract and truly take your time to go over it carefully. Don’t hesitate to Inquire about any unclear details and don’t assume. When ready, move forward.

Tip # 5. Pick Out Finishes & Schedule

Begin by making a detailed list of all new items you'll be picking out and categorize by type.

You may also wish to refer to your “Style File” and consider any items you have pre-selected. It will be very helpful to keep track of availability when picking out items and mark down delivery dates to help prepare your delivery schedule. Before you commit to or purchase any items, share the schedule with your remodeling company to make sure it fits within the remodel workflow schedule. It will insure everyone is on the same page and help avoid potential delays.

Meanwhile, ask questions, keep flexible and stay positive!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our post and found it helpful!

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